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We offer permanent recruitment solutions for engineering and technical markets, including the Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Infrastructure industries.


Our experienced team of discipline-specific consultants has over 25 years of experience in headhunting and developing executive search methodologies.

With a reputable standing in the global marketplace and high engagement across our online and offline platforms, we have

specialist teams dedicated to finding the best talent to drive your

business forward.

We provide four possibilities for recruitment - Contingency and 
Retained Search, Executive Search, Project Hiring With contingency recruitment involving a fixed percentage fee per placement Payable on the successful candidate's start date. 

Our retained search option requires an upfront payment of a percentage of the agreed fee, with the remainder payable upon successful completion of the assignment.


We provide a full refund if the assignment is not completed. Our Executive Search services focus on securing the best skillsets for your business, especially for company-critical positions like C-Suite and Board-level hires. We deliver a targeted approach that guarantees the top professionals you require.

For businesses with multiple permanent vacancies, we offer Project Hiring Services, where our team works closely with you throughout the process to fully understand  your challenges and offer an optimal solution.


We can act as an extension of your business and even set up a temporary project office within your site locality, enabling greater control of the hiring process.

Contract Staffing

At Energi Talent Resourcing, we understand that managing consultants and

contractors for your local and international projects can be time-consuming and

costly. That's why our services prioritize finding and hiring the right consultants for

your project, giving you the freedom to focus on success while we take care of the rest.


We have unparalleled recruitment standards, ensuring that you get the best consultant for the job. We handle everything from creating job descriptions to screening candidates and vetting them, even for leadership roles and entry-level positions.

We also provide assistance to your HR team in managing day-to-day administration

tasks, including compliance training, labor contracts, employee registration, onboarding, offboarding, and exit processes. With us, you don't have to worry about employment risks as we adhere to local standards.

We simplify compensation services for international contractual employees by managing payroll, taxes, timesheets, expenses, bonuses, and benefits in-house, allowing you to save time and money.

Our international HR professionals operate in over 20 countries, providing access to local industry experts worldwide while ensuring full compliance with local legislation and business entity requirements. We integrate your business into the local economy and handle all administrative tasks, allowing your team to get to work quickly.

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Thinking of hiring international talent for your business? Energi Talent Resourcing can help simplify the immigration process. We handle all immigration requirements, reviewing and managing each case independently.


With their web-based solution for mobilisation services, they deliver compliant immigration services, save costs, and inform clients. Their global immigration services are coordinated through local offices and include pre-mobilisation preparation and management, attestation /legalization of documents, visas and work permits, local registrations,

and exit formalities.


We have a proven system that ensures efficient visa application processing, regardless of the countries involved. Working with a dedicated immigration company like Energi Talent Resourcing can free up your internal human resources teams and provide a better outcome for the immigration process.



It's crucial to select a company with experience and knowledge in global immigration services that handles not only the international hiring process but also provides legal contracts, paperwork, logistics, and tax documentation.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Energi Talent Resourcing focuses on building tailored on-site recruitment models that blend smoothly with your business culture. Our expert team conducts a thorough evaluation of your current recruitment processes and offers informed suggestions to enhance your technology and workforce plans.

We take charge of all recruitment activities, such as sourcing, assessment, screening, evaluation, and onboarding of new personnel. Depending on the project's scope and size, the implementation duration can range from four to twelve weeks.

After the implementation, we take complete responsibility for the entire company-wide recruitment process management.

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